Hotel Restaurant Scheid

Schriesheim an der Bergstrasse

Kids welcome!

We are lookig forward to your visit.

And of course your kids are also welcome.

On the meadow the children can be active and

romp without traffic or other risks.

Anf if the weather is not perfect?

There is a small play corner inside.


Of course - we didnīt forget your baby!

There is a place to wind your baby, we have some baby-chairs

and we can offer you colour pencils and paper for the small artists.

By the way!

Restaurant, Bistro and Beergardem are on the ground floor.

So you can reach everything with the baby carriage without stairs.

So long!

 Hotel Scheid GmbH · Talstrasse 176 · 69198 Schriesheim · Fon +49 6203 6050 · Fax +49 6203 605800