Hotel Restaurant Scheid

Schriesheim an der Bergstrasse

You can experience - the Kurpfalz & Odenwald

A wonderful experience the “Kurpfalz” - it`s worth it!

If dancing in the hotel, wine-tasting with music, country-style

Odenwald Buffet or a barbecue in the Beergarden -

we arrange a nice evening for you.

And if you are able to stay longer – why don’t you visit the

romantic city of  Heidelberg  with it’s cosy  atmosphere, little

lanes, student pubs and the famous castle, or take a boat-ride

on the Neckar river through the beautiful Neckar-valley.

We gladly give you hints on excursions along the “ Bergstraße” or the

“German Weinstraße”, through the scenic byways of the “Odenwald”

or the “Burgenstraße” with it’s many old castles.

And here are some more sightseeing-points

- The castle of Schwetzingen and the castle grounds

- Wagon ride with “wine- growers lunch”

- The Griffin observation point at the Castle “Guttenberg

- Wagon ride with “wine- growers lunch”

- Holiday Park at Haßloch

- Car- and Technology museum at Sinsheim

- Speyer Cathedral and Old Town

- Silver-mine in Schriesheim

There is more to discover - have fun!

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