Hotel Restaurant Scheid

Schriesheim an der Bergstrasse

Rates for bed & breakfast *

Bed & Breakfast in Single room

Bed & Breakfast in Twin room

Bed & Breakfast in Triple room

Bed & Breakfast in Quad room

from 74,- Euro

from 108,- Euro

from 130,- Euro

from 140,- Euro

Rates per room and night including breakfast buffet.

All rooms with shower, wc, phone an SAT-TV.

Rates for our conference packages *

Conference-package 1                                    from 40,- Euro

-  Provide and prepare a conference room with available equipment

-  Coffee-break in the morning with sandwiches

-  Lunch-buffet with three courses, salads and dessert

-  Coffee-break in the afternoon with cake or cookies

Conference-package 2                                    from 130,- Euro

Services from package 1

+ Dinner a la carte or a small bufet

+ Overnight accommodation in single room with breakfast

Seminar rates per person and day, minimum 10  participants.

In case of less than 10 participants we calculate a room rental.

We look forward to contact you personaly!

Of course we accept your ec-card or your credit-card.

* Rates Januar 2023  - Actual rates could be different.

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